Kavarna Vahtnca
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Coffee house Vahtnca
(Namera d.o.o.)

Mestni trg 31
4220 Ċ kofja Loka
+386 4 512 14 79
Working - hours:
Monday to Thursday
from 8h to 22h
from 8h to 24h
from 8h to 24h
from 8h to 22h


Kavarna Vahtnca
Our coffee house can boast with two gardens. Eastern, public garden in the centre of Town Square is meant for those who like to observe and those who like to be noticed. It is suitable for all the voayers, conquerors, slanderers and all of you who would like to be in the centre of attention and all of you who always keep a vigilant eye on events in the town promenade. Western garden is more intimate and mysterious. It is placed in the inner yard and it is surrounded with tall walls of Loka's houses. It is meant for everybody who, in the daily hustle of commitments, needs some zen's beauty and peace. In the evenings nothing but pure romance. Is there anything more beautiful than, over the glass of a good wine, under the sky full of stars, saying those three magic words to a person you love and who shares this moment with you?